"Le Petit Versailles” was the home of one of Louisiana's most famous planters, Valcour Aime, whose legendary success and excesses are still widely recounted to this day. Valcour began construction of his mansion in 1837 and completed the home in 1839. His unusual mansion at Le Petit Versailles Plantation was the crown of his plantation empire, which included many properties. The flagship estate's gardens were among the most elaborate ever conceived in the South. The 20 acres English Garden contained ponds and a stream, known as La Riviere, along with bridges, a small fort, artificial ruins, and a large Chinese pagoda atop a grotto. The gardens were filled with tropical vegetation, fruit trees, shrubbery and other exotic landscaping. The plantation mansion burned in 1920, leaving but a memory of a man and a plantation that truly defined Louisiana's "Golden Age."

Le Petit Versailles

  • A color print of the Le Petit Versailles. The image measures 5.25" height by 9" width and is on a page measuring 8.5" Height x 11" width. The Image is signed and titled by Jim Blanchard.