SOLD    Louisiana Purchase

                Original – 33”w x 24”h

                Framed in Antique Gilt Frame   48”w x 41”h


.  1791 – Designed by Don Gilberto Guillemard, architect

.  1795-1799 – Construction of the Cabildo

.  Wrought Iron railings by Marcellino Hernandez

.  December 10, 1803 – the site of the signing of the Louisiana Purchase

.  1821 – The American Eagle and Trophies of Military Victory were added to the pediment

.  1847 – Mansard roof and cupola were added

.  1911 – Became the Louisiana State Museum

.  1988 – Fire destroyed the 3rd floor and cupola

. The Cabildo has been restored, and today still houses the Louisiana State Museum  

Louisiana Purchase

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