SOLD  The St. Charles Exchange Hotel – St. Charles Street, New Orleans


“The largest, handsomest and most impressive hotel in the World”


The first St. Charles Hotel was designed by Gallier & Dakin in 1835.  The contract was awarded to James Gallier in 1835 and construction began.  Michael Collins became the foreman of construction.  Most of the wood work and granite were shipped from the North.  Guests began registering in February of 1837, and the hotel was fully completed in May of 1838 at a cost of $600,000.  The St. Charles Hotel was the largest and most opulent hotel in America.  The building was 235’ on St. Charles Avenue with a depth of 203’.  The magnificent cast iron dome rose 185’ over the city.  There were five floors containing salons, barrooms, dining rooms, public bathing rooms, parlors, kitchens and 350 bedrooms.  By 1850, the dome tower of the hotel began sinking and leaning 15 degrees into the courtyard of the hotel.  In January 1851, before the dome could be dismantled and removed, the hotel burned and completely destroyed.  By March of 1851 the second St. Charles Hotel was under construction on the site.  Today the site of the Place St. Charles office tower in the 200 block of St. Charles Street. 

St. Charles Hotel

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