William Whitmell Pugh (1811-1906), purchased the Pierre Charlet Plantation (341 acres) in 1835.  He married Josephine Nicholls in 1844 and they lived in the old Charlet residence.  In the 1840’s, William Pugh enlisted architect Henry Howard to enlarge and redesign the old mansion.  The old mansion was raised and a new floor placed below along with Palladian wings to each side.  The central block of the mansion was refaced with the massive colonnade of four ionic fluted columns set between two square end columns.  In 1906, William Pugh died at Woodlawn and soon after the plantation was sold at sheriff’s auction.  After years of abandonment and decay, the famed Woodlawn was demolished in 1946.  Only the four marble capitals remain.  

Woodlawn Plantation Manor

  • A color print of the Woodlawn Plantation Manor. The image measures 6" height by 9.75" width and is on a page measuring 8.5" Height x 11" width. The Image is signed and titled by Jim Blanchard.

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