"He pursues his paintings with the mathematic exactness of the architect's rendering, and the visual elegance of an artist's brush." 


                                                                - John Kemp, Louisiana Cultural Vistas


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Country Roads Magazine

August, 2020

In our Deep South Design issue, over and over again we see examples of old things being made new, old things being used to make new things, and an overall coalescence between the past and the future, taking place in the brilliant present. Jim Blanchard, profiled in this month's "Perspectives" column, is a master of such time warps, recreating the most iconic architectural achievements of our region in perfect, excruciating detail. The result of deep dive research and classical technique, our cover for this month is a proud example of his work. The circa 1859 Campbell Mansion, designed and built by New York architect Lewis E. Reynolds, was seized by federal troops during the Civil War, then transformed over the years into the luxurious residence of Judge Henry Spofford, then the Poydras Home, then the Mansion Apartments. It was demolished in 1965 to make way for a parking lot, but lives on in perfect detail in Campbell's rendering. 

Perspectives: Jim Blanchard

At the crossroads of old-school technique and modern research, history rebuilds itself.


JULY 23, 2020

The Louisiana Jockey Club, by Jim Blanchard

The Luling mansion on Esplanade Avenue was designed by James Gallier, architect, for Florence Luling in 1865.  The mansion was built in the Renaissance palazzo style on a thirty acre tract on the fashionable Esplanade Ave. in New Orleans.  The Lulings, after the loss of their two sons, departed the mansion and moved to Europe. The estate was purchased by the Louisiana Jockey Club in 1871 and the mansion became host for many extravagant receptions, dinners, concerts and balls.  In 1905, the property was sold and the estate was subdivided into lots for sale.  The wings were demolished and the mansion became apartments. 

More on the Campbell Mansion from Jim Blanchard

Campbell Mansion

Campbell Mansion

by Jim Blanchard, 2018

Corner of St. Charles Avenue and Julia Streets

Left:  Carved  Cypress Bracket from the Second Floor Gallery of the Campbell Mansion

Below:  Piece of the Interior Door Trim from the Campbell Mansion

Both items are in the Collection of Jim Blanchard.

Photograph of the Campbell Mansion

by Theodore Lilienthal, 1867

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