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Jim Blanchard’s latest print “The Lemann Building" commemorates the renovations of this historic Donaldsonville building.  Signed print measures 28”w x 20”h,  and is available for sale on the website SHOP for $42 (includes shipping)  The Louisiana Statehouse Print is also available.  

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"He pursues his paintings with the mathematic exactness of the architect's rendering, and the visual elegance of an artist's brush." 


                                      - John Kemp, Louisiana Cultural Vistas

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500 block of Canal Street -       


The 500 Block of Canal Street is shown in the late 1800s.  This is the uptown side of the 500 block of Canal Street.  The Grey building to the left and the left half of the yellow building next to it are all that remains of these buildings.  These two buildings are being restored and transformed into the Sazerac House Museum.  The remainder of the block was demolished and today is the site of the Sheraton Hotel on Canal Street.   (Stay tuned for updates.)


Luling Mansion - New Orleans       


The Luling mansion on Esplanade Avenue was designed by James Gallier, architect, for Florence Luling in 1865.  The mansion was built in the Renaissance palazzo style on a thirty acre tract on the fashionable Esplanade Ave. in New Orleans.  The Lulings, after the loss of their two sons, departed the mansion and moved to Europe. The estate was purchased by the Louisiana Jockey Club in 1871 and the mansion became host for many extravagant receptions, dinners, concerts and balls.  In 1905, the property was sold and the estate was subdivided into lots for sale.  The wings were demolished and the mansion became apartments.

Lafourche Courthouse .jpg

Lafourche Parish Courthouse  $12,000              (59" w x 28" h)  


Tezcuco was built for Benjamin Tureaud in 1855.  He was the grandson of Emanuel Bringier, and the son of Augustin Dominique Tureaud, both plantation owners.  The plantation remained in the Tureaud family until 1950.  Tezcuco burned in 2002, leaving only the beautiful gardens and towering chimneys among the ruins.


Bocage Plantation  $12,000            (39" w x 25" h)  


Bocage Plantation, River Road

Bocage, a wedding gift from Marius Pons Bringier to his eldest daughter, Francoise “Fanny” Bringier, the fourteen year old bride of Christophe Colomb, upon their wedding in 1801.  The original house was destroyed by fire and the present Bocage was built in 1837.  The mansion is attributed to James Dakin, architect.