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Burnside Place “The James Robb Mansion”, Garden District, New Orleans   

James Robb completed the Italianate Villa in the fashionable Garden District of New Orleans in 1855.  After a financial downfall he was forced to sell the estate to John Burnside in 1859 for $55,000.  John Burnside resided in the great villa, known then as Burnside Place, for 22 years until his death in 1881.  Oliver Beirne inherited the estate and then in 1890, his heirs sold the mansion and gardens to Newcomb College.  Sophie Newcomb College added the second floor to the mansion and occupied the estate until 1917.  The Baptist Theological Seminary occupied the estate from 1917-1954.  The mansion was demolished in 1955. 

All that remains today is a few granite steps and the brick and granite fence base along Washington Avenue.   The massive granite gate posts and urns, along with the gates and the cast-iron fence have been moved to the new campus of Baptist Seminary on the lakefront. 

Burnside Place - Robb Mansion

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