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.  Dr. George Washington Campbell Residence, St. Charles Street, New Orleans

The Italianate Campbell Mansion was designed and built by Lewis E. Reynolds, a New York trained architect, and finished in 1859 at a cost of $40,000.  The Cast-Iron cornstalk fence surrounding the mansion was made by the Philadelphia’s Wood & Perot Foundry, and supplied by Wood and Miltenberger, New Orleans agents.  During the war, federal troops took possession of the Campbell mansion and put out Mrs. Campbell and her family.  U.S. General Benjamin “Spoons” Butler and his family occupied the mansion.  The mansion was sold after the Civil War and became the luxurious residence of Judge Henry Spofford.  The 50 year lease on the property expired in 1906 and the property reverted to the Poydras Home.  The neighborhood began to change.  The house became the Mansion Apartments, which housed the Chat and Chew Café, later known as the Hummingbird Café.  In 1965 the house was demolished to make way for a parking lot.  Only the rear carriage house remains on Julia Street. 

Campbell Mansion

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