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The City of Carrollton, incorporated on March 10th, 1845, was the seat of the Third Judicial District Court. The Jefferson Parish Courthouse was commissioned in 1854. Henry Howard, architect, designed the building and Robert Crozier and Frederick Wing, were the builders. The courthouse was completed in 1855 at a cost of $59,000. The City of Carrollton was annexed to the City of New Orleans in 1874, and in 1888 the building was transferred to the City of New Orleans. The following year the building became part of the McDonogh Trust, established by John McDonogh, philanthropist, to establish public schools in New Orleans. The old courthouse became McDonogh No. 23 until it closed in 1950. Benjamin Franklin High School occupied the building and site from 1957 thru 1990.

Jefferson Parish Courthouse

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