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“COLISEUM PLACE”   New Orleans, Lower Garden District

Print by Jim Blanchard, showing Coliseum Place and some a the Residences surrounding the Park.

Commemorative of the Tenety-Fifth Anniversary of the Coliseum Square Association. 

Print measures 23”w x 18”h, and hand-signed by the artist.

$26.00  (This price includes shipping (rolled in a tube for protection) anywhere in the continental U.S.)


Coliseum Place

Plan of the “Delard Plantation” by Bartheleme Lafon, 1807

Improvements of Coliseum Place,  City Engineers Office 1895

Map shown depicts park with Residences in the Late 1800s…


William Garrison Residence, 1717 Coliseum St.

Rev. Charles Goodrich Residence, 1729 Coliseum St.

Frederick Rodewald Residence, 1749 Coliseum St.

Mrs. William King Residence, 1539 Camp St.

James Wray Residence, 1437 Camp St.

Mrs. Sheppard Brown Residence, 1753 Coliseum St.

E. T Robinson Residence, 1456 Camp St.

Frederick Loeber Residence, 1629 Coliseum St. 

Coliseum Place

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