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Built in 1814 for Nicholas Girod, the fifth mayor of New
Orleans from 1812 to 1814, and designed by Hyacinthe
Laclotte, architect. The residence was offered to Napoleon
as a refuge site during his exile in 1821. Nicholas
Girod was one of the sponsors for the plot to rescue Napoleon
from St. Helena. The ship “Seraphine” was being
readied for a secret voyage by Dominique You, one of
Lafite’s lieutenants, but was ended by the death of Napoleon
on May 5th, 1821. The building housed a grocery
in the late 1800s and became known as “the Napoleon
House” restaurant and bar soon after Prohibition. The
Impastato family operated the Napoleon House from
1914 to 2015, when it was sold to Ralph Brennen.

Napoleon House

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