In 1847, the church was redesigned by J.N.B. dePouilly, architect. John Patrick Kirwan was contracted on March 12, 1849 “for the restoration of the Cathedral of St. Louis”. Construction began in 1849 and on Feb. 19th, 1850 the uncompleted central tower collapsed onto the church. In 1851, Alexander H. Sampson completed construction of the cathedral at a total cost of $139,238. The new St. Louis Cathedral was dedicated by Archbishop Blanc on December 7, 1851. In 1859, the open air iron and wood center spire was enclosed with slate. The new clock was made by Stanislas Fournier, a French clockmaker whom had moved to New Orleans, using parts from the old Delachaux clock. The cathedral stands today, only slightly altered from the original designs of the 1850s.

St. Louis Cathedral

  • A color print of the St. Louis Cathedral. The image measures 9" height by 6.25" width and is on a page measuring 11" Height x 8.5" width. The Image is signed and titled by Jim Blanchard.