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University of Louisiana - Common Street, between University Place and Baronne
The Medical College of Louisiana was founded in 1843 and the State Legislature provided land behind the State Capitol for the College. The University of Louisiana was established in 1847 and James Dakin designed plans for the new buildings. The left wing was constructed first and completed in 1847.  The Central Corinthian Columned building was completed in 1848. The right wing was not completed until 1855, completing the formal designs of Dakin. The University was closed during the Civil War (1861-1865) and was used as a hospital. The Abraham Lincoln School for Freedmen (1865-66) was later established for the education of former slaves. The center building reopened as the Medical College, the West wing was the Department of Law of the University and the East wing occupied for the Preparatory School of the University. Mr. Paul Tulane, in 1882, donated extensive real estate in New Orleans for the support of education. A Board of Administrators of the Tulane Educational Fund was appointed and held its first meeting. The board elected to support and incorporate the University of Louisiana, rather than found a new separate institution. The University of Louisiana became Tulane University of Louisiana in 1884. Paul Tulane died on March 27th, 1887. Tulane University moved to the St. Charles Avenue Campus in 1894 and the old buildings were demolished in 1898. The property is now the site of the Roosevelt Hotel.
Scaled Drawing

Univ. of Louisiana

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